Traditional postcards:

When you go to Florida, you might send a postcard from Florida. When you visit California, you send a postcard from California.

The virtual postcard:

Judith Donath has expedited this process with her Electric Postcard system, which contains a virtual Postcard Rack, a Pick-up Window, etc. The nice thing is that images get re-used over and over again (bit-reuse/recycling).

The NetCam postcard:

Wearable WebCam allows me to spontaneously and serendipitously send a postcard from wherever I am at a particular moment in time. For example, when I visit room 389, I might send my parents a picture postcard from room 389, with a little text caption. When I visit room 392, I might send a short video postcard to one of my friends, or make a postcard for the occupant of room 392 and send it to one of her friends. Then, suppose Leno comes in to empty out the trash cans, which he does every night around 5:15pm. I might make a short videopostcard for him which can be immediately sent to his friends and relatives.

Wearable Webcam