Self coaching and cross-coaching

Imagine you are trying to learn how to play tennis. Wouldn't it be nice to put yourself into the shoes of your coach, so that you could see yourself from his or her perspective. Coaches often make video recordings of athletes, but by the time you see the video, you've forgotten the exact feel of the moment.

I always thought that I could learn tennis better if I could see how stupid I look while I was playing, rather than looking at a video later on.

Now if there is anyone out there on the 'net who ends up building a visualfilter, come one over for a game sometime. I'll send my outbound transmit signal to your inbound receive, and vice-versa. I'd be seeing myself from your point of view, and you from mine. I think we'd both miss the ball a lot, but after getting used to the system, we'd probably catch a lot of our mistakes right away. We'd close the loop with near-zero learning latency.

Wearable Webcam