ShootingBack, Steve Mann, 1994-1997

ShootingBack is a series of inventions and interventions by Steve Mann, 1994 to 1997, including: In the latter sense, sousveillance, i.e. shootinback at surveillance, has been covered extensively.
(NetGuide, June 1995)

Gallery of recently transmitted PICs

The future of ``shootingback'' --- wearable computer built into ordinary eyeglasses. (Image of one of my recent prototypes captured with another one of my older prototypes.)

Possible T-shirt design (to be worn by individuals entering establishments where video surveillance is used):

``For YOUR protection, a video record of you and your establishment is being transmitted and recorded at remote locations.
[insert darkglass here on shirt]
All criminal acts prosecuted.''

"ShootingBack" funded, in part, by the Council for the Arts at MIT.
Privacy issues of wearable cameras versus surveillance cameras.
View excerpts of the ShootingBack documentary