Thanks to Dr. Rosalind Picard and fellow advisees of Rosalind (known as the ``rgrads'') for much encouragement, and to William Mitchell and Mitch Kapor whose course ``Design of Cyberspace'' provided much inspiration.

Thanks also to John Wang for help with the video digitization, and Dan Gruhl for file creation and linking suggestions.

Thanks to Thad Starner for help with the most recent realization of visualfilter running on SGI reality engine.

Thanks to fellow Vision and Modeling (``VisMod'') students for many valuable suggestions and criticisms of these ideas.

The picture of me with the bicycle helmet NetCam, standing beside the brick wall, was taken with the help of Rob Silvers. The picture of me with the wearable light-producing and light-measuring instruments was taken with the help of Kent Nickerson.

Thanks to Marty Friedman for keeping us all up to speed on the 'net, setting up the webserver, dealing with live video, and for all your energy and enthusiasm which we will never forget.

Thanks to fellow amateur radio enthusiast Andy Siegel for help hacking around with an old VCR tuner, which was eventually used to follow the IF section of an ATV downconverter.

Thanks to Terry Swack Design Associates for sponsoring me to build a higher speed radio system to cover their "First Night" ( New Year's Eve event.

Thanks to Virtual Vision, Kopin, HP and Compaq for the use of their equipment.

Wearable Webcam