ECE516 (ECE516H1S): Intelligent Image Processing

Labs and authentic direct mentorship

BA3155, Fridays 9am.

The most important part of this course is the labs which offer authentic direct mentorship with high degree of involvement from the professor and other leading experts in sensing, meta-sensing, and machine learning.

There are 11 labs with projects in several areas, including these topics:

  1. Complex-Valued Signal Generators and Signal Generators Using Trochex Numbers (rotary, i.e. trochially complex numbers), and Polex Numbers (plurally polyphasic systems).
  2. Phase-coherent detection for active computer vision:
  3. Passive vision: Many courses on computer vision fail to teach the fundamental concepts of what sensing is and does. We'll begin with fundamental principles by exploring first a 1-pixel camera and 1-pixel display, quantigraphic (quantifiable) sensing, and meta-sensing.
  4. Trochography and trochogrammetry: Understanding 3 phase motors and electric vehicles;
  5. Build your own autonomous "ehicle" (e-vehicle)...
  6. Your final project of your own choosing...

Lab schedule:

Jan 18,  Lab 1,
build your own wearable signal generator and sensor system;
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Jan 25;  Lab 2, build your own lock-in amplifier and sonar vision system for the blind
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Feb 1,   Lab 3
Feb 8,   Lab 4
Feb 15;  Lab 5
Mar 1,   Lab 6, Camera fundamentals: 1-pixel camera
Mar 8,   Lab 7, Display fundamentals: Virtual, Augmented, and All-Reality with a 10-pixel display
Mar 15,  Lab 8, Meta-sensing (Metavision)
Mar 22,  Lab 9, Moveillance, polyphase machines and machine learning
Mar 29;  Lab 10, Final projects, week 1 (G-Code intro)
Apr 5.   Lab 11, Final projects, week 2
Wednesday, Apr 10, 5:30pm to 8pm: Final Presentations at Metaveillance Symposium
Final project options:

Course instructor: Prof. Steve Mann

TAs: Diego Defaz, Adan Moran